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The Gridaverse Creative Group is a collective of Business System Specialists and Administrative Support professionals. We help entrepreneurs and smalls businesses increase productivity and excel in sales by building business systems and providing team support.

All services have a minimum requirement of three (3) months. Consultations have a minimum of three (3) calls. We put these requirements in place to provide clients with the best experience and to ensure we complete all projects.

Our Business Managers oversee entire businesses. They create overall strategies and ensure the proper resources and team members are in place. They also serve as the liaison between clients and team members.

Business System Specialist are specifically assigned to projects where systems are to be created. They are skilled at strategizing, creating S.O.Ps, and working with Project Management software.

Our Administrative Support Staff are the implementors and superstars of any company. They are the ones that get tasks done. Please note, you must have or serve as your Business Manager as well as have strategies and systems in place to hire Support Staff only.

Each business need and project is different. We welcome you to hop on a call to talk about your specific needs. This way, we can create a proper plan of action and proposal detailing various things, including cost.

 The B.O.S.S. Method Coaching Program is a 16-week intensive mastermind that was created to help entrepreneurs and small business owners build a solid remote business.

We teach students how to develop Business Foundations, build Business Systems, and onboard Team Members.

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